Urban beach project


Initial situation:

This is a beach that is almost 1 km long with a width of between 30 and 90 meters depending on the area. The use is intensive, as it is in an urban area in a highly populated Caribbean city.

The problem is the lack of services for visitors and the poor image that is being transmitted to the public due to the dirtiness and the degradation to which the beach is subjected.

Objectives proposed:

  • Recover the beauty of the beach.
  • Offer the maximum number of services possible to the large number of people who visit the beach.
  • Set up a system that allows the quality of the sand to be guaranteed in terms of health and cleanliness.
  • Be able to obtain the international Blue Flag award.

Specific proposals that are being recommended:

To apply a suitable methodology and greater frequency to the maintenance and cleaning of the sand area.

To analyse and select the services that visitors to the beach would like to find.

To organise the immediate environment and to plant suitable vegetation in the area to enhance the beauty of the place.

To apply international regulations in terms of environmental quality.

To achieve all of this, different themes need to be worked on:

We recommend using beach cleaning machines instead of sweeping machines. The beach cleaning machines work in depth and treat the sand by airing it and removing all the objects that are found in it. Sweeping machines only clean the surface and do not air the sand.

We recommend installing huts with double WCs at each entrance to the beach, as well as showers and footbaths.
We recommend creating several service areas to sell food and drinks. Bars/kiosks could be installed with complete service and with pergolas.

Areas should be put aside for playing games (volleyball and beach tennis).

Several vigilance and life-saving points should be installed and we recommend a care and first aid post in a central part of the beach to deal with possible accidents.

We propose putting aside an area for sun loungers and beach umbrellas.