What are Smart Beaches?

Smart Beaches are beaches that are attractive, comfortable and well-equipped. They communicate with their users through their mobile devices, providing them with a new beach-going experience and a pleasant stay at the beach.

What are some of the characteristics of Smart Beaches?

Smart beaches are beaches that:

  • Interact with its users
  • Provide modern, comfortable and well-situated equipment
  • Are aesthetically-pleasing because of its natural environment and amenities
  • Are accessible for everyone
  • Possess excellent environmental parameters that confirm the quality of its sand and bathing water
  • Generate socio-economic benefits for surrounding businesses and the municipality

How can one convert a normal beach into a Smart Beach?

Firstly, the beach must be appropriate for tourist use. Only then can it be adapted for interaction with its users. The beaches must also comply with the quality and interaction criteria required to qualify as a Smart Beach.

How can a beach be adapted for tourist use?

For a beach to be appropriate for tourist use, the beach must:

  • Be comfortable through the installation of elements such as washrooms, showers, information boards, lifeguard posts, beach bars and beverage sales points, umbrellas as well as information booths
  • Be environmentally well-managed and respect international and national environmental legislation and possess certain certifications
  • Guarantee the quality and cleanliness of the beach and its surrounding areas through the daily sifting and cleaning and the zone. It is recommended to use adequate machinery and to install an appropriate number of frequently-emptied dustbins and recycling points

How can a beach be adapted in order to interact with its users?

For a beach to become interactive, the beach must:

Have well-situated Wi-Fi hotspots.
Possess a camera to transmit real-time images.
Join the Smart Beaches Network and provide information to its users through the corresponding mobile application of its country/region.
Offer information in a diligent and systematic fashion for its users, allowing interaction with the beach as well as businesses and services in its vicinity

What benefits do Smart Beaches generate?

Beaches that fall in the Smart Beach category generate benefits such as:

  • Increased visitor numbers due to its attractiveness
  • The ability of businesses in the vicinity to communicate and attract costumers through technology
  • A significant amount of recognition by tourists and visitors
  • Daily user feedback that can help to improve the beaches’ reputation
  • The generation of economic benefits for the town

Who is Delatorre Consulting

Delatorre Consulting is a consulting agency specialising in beach design and equipment. We have a vast amount of experience in the area of beach adaptation and improvement. We are also the creator of the “Smart Beaches” application and concept.

Since our establishment, we have provided our clients with all the necessary knowledge required to improve the quality and attractiveness of different types of beaches.

The experts that form part of Delatorre Consulting are specialists in the areas of the environment, beach equipment, communication and social media. They work closely with an Executive Director in order to transform and improve beaches and even make them become Smart Beaches.

What can Delatorre provide to municipalities with beaches?

Delatorre Consulting provides advice and solutions in the areas of beach equipment, management and adaptation in order to improve them and allow them to qualify as Smart Beaches.

How does one achieve a good beach design?

In order to achieve a good beach design a Management and Adaptation Plan must be created and applied. This plan includes the environmental resources management program, the specific design of the beach, the description of the services to be offered, the selection of equipment to install, the beach cleaning program, instructions and recommendations about the use of the equipment and a guideline about how to obtain economic resources.

What is the duration of a beach design project?

In the case where the client and its involved staff are available to dedicate themselves to the project, the first phase should last between 2 and 3 months, while the second phase should last between 4 and 6 months.

Some projects may last longer if internal processes are delayed.

What type of beaches can be subject of a beach design project?

All beaches that have a recreational or tourist use may be improved a beach design project. The minimum size of the beach should be at least 250 linear metres.

How can I contract Delatorre Consulting’s beach design services?

You may contact us via this contact form, providing us the required information and we will get in touch with you to discuss your needs. This allows us to be able to understand what the project parameters will be and provide an estimation of the costs involved.