Intelligent beaches

Delatorre Consulting offers the Creation and Design of Intelligent Beaches. We are expert consultants in matters of Adaptation and Design of Beaches internationally and the creators of the Intelligent Beaches concept, when referring to well-planned and well-managed beaches from an environmental and economic point of view.

What do we understand by Intelligent Beach?

An Intelligent Beach is a beach which provides its users with comfort and which manages to use its natural resources and its environment to make itself attractive and welcoming, at the same time as obtaining sufficient economic resources to manage itself.

When can a beach be considered to be an Intelligent Beach?

A beach can be considered to be classified as an Intelligent Beach when it is managed in a sustainable way from an environmental point of view, and can maintain itself economically. This means that the beach respects its surrounding environment and that the beach is able to obtain sufficient economic resources to care for itself and maintain itself.

How can a beach manage to move into the Intelligent Beach category?

The collaboration of the team of international experts from Delatorre Consulting's office means that the Intelligent Beach is a reality after their intervention.

To do this, a specific Management and Adaptation Plan (MAP) for the beach needs to be created and applied. This plan includes the Management and Handling Programme for the environment and resources, the specific beach design, the description of the services to be offered, the selection of equipment to be installed, the health and cleaning programme for the beach, the instructions and recommendations on the management of the equipment and the regulations related to obtaining economic resources.