Beach design

What do we understand by Beach design?

Beach Design is defined as the planning and setting up of the process to adapt and transform the beach, adapting it to environmental regulations and equipping it to make it pleasant and welcoming to everyone.


What does having an attractive, well designed beach mean?

It means having a guarantee so that the tourist and economic development of the area can be a reality in the short term.

How does one get a good Beach Design?

  • By carrying out a sociological study on users and on the different activities and uses of the beach.
  • Analysing the landscape, environmental and legal aspects.
  • Preparing a definitive document that contains the Management and Adaptation Plan (MAP) for the beach.

What does a good Beach Design contribute?

Having a project that offers the guidelines to follow so that the beach is:

  • More practical and pleasant for users.
  • More attractive and beautiful from an aesthetic point of view.
  • More comfortable for everyone.

In short, it manages to convert the beach into one of the most important attractions of a tourist destination.