Leader in beach design

Delatorre Consulting has recently started the largest Beach Design project in the Caribbean, thus confirming that it is the leading company in Consultancy on the Design and Management of Sustainable Beaches worldwide.

Delatorre Consulting not only works to improve the aesthetic appearance and the health of beaches with its products from the Maderexter line and the Unicorn beach cleaning machines, but also, with its line of beach designs, Delatorre Consulting develops comprehensive plans for redesigning, transforming and equipping the beaches, thus managing to optimise enjoyment of the beaches by users as much as possible offering the greatest economic and social performance for the public authorities responsible for the beaches.

Delatorre Consulting started to carry out Beach design projects when it became aware of this need in highly diverse places where there were beaches that were badly cared for and poorly managed. In short, coastal areas that have lost their tourist interest because of it, along with their potential for economic growth. Areas which, in the hands of Delatorre Consulting’s team of designers, recovered their beauty, hygiene and health, attracting visitors back and recovering the good reputation of their administrators.

Delatorre Consulting develops projects for all kinds of budgets, adapting to the needs and capacities of each customer.